As we are preparing for the high holidays, Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens is in the midst of putting together our annual Yizkor Memorial Book, which will be used 4 times a year during our Yizkor services and will be yours to keep after Yizkor.

Also, for those who cannot attend the four times yearly Yizkor services, each name in this year's edition of the Yizkor book will be read aloud from the bimah and thus remembered.

You now have the opportunity to fulfill the Mitzva of remembering your departed loved ones and giving Tzedakah in their merit. Listings will be uniform, alphabetically by contributing family.

We have also created a beautiful Yahrtzeit Memorial Board that is on the wall of our Shul. The Yahrtzeit Memorial Board is an everlasting tribute to the memory of your loved ones. Each year on the Yahrtzeit, the light is lit at its side and Kaddish is recited on the Shabbat prior in case you are unable to attend.


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Name Mentions (Suggested $18 per name)
Quarter Page Dedication in the Yizkor Book ($180)
Half Page Dedication in the Yizkor Book ($360)
Full Page Dedication in the Yizkor Book ($720)


Yahrtzeit Memorial Wall Plaque:
$900 Members - $1800 non-members

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